Downlights is a social enterprise that employs young adults with Down syndrome and cognitive disabilities to manufacture luxury scented soy candles in Auckland. From the outset, any employee that joins our team is paid the Living Wage as part of our commitment to creating a meaningful work experience, to help them on their road to independence and to demonstrate that disabled people are a valued member of the workforce.

In 2019, a disabled person earned, on average, $98 a week less than a non- disabled worker even though they stay at their job on average 2.5 years longer and an unemployment rate double that of a non-disabled person. Almost one in every 4 New Zealander’s identifies as living with disability and face the reality that the unemployment rate is double to that of a non-disabled person.
Becoming a Living Wage Employer means we have been able to contribute to removing one of the many barriers our team face every day - economic disadvantage Downlights is honoured to be part of the Principal Partner’s Council. We are connected by our shared vision to enable workers to live with dignity and to participate as active citizens in society.

Downlights is one of 3500 social enterprises in Aotearoa who are striving to create a positive impact on environmental, economic or community issues. We have the ability and the responsibility to lead the way when the world is looking at us for ways to give back to the greater community. Global consumers are increasingly shifting their dollar spend to social enterprises and Downlights wants to lead by example, encouraging other social enterprises to support the Living Wage Movement and inclusive employment practises as part of their impact initiatives