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By making a donation today you will join the growing Living Wage Movement in its mission to reduce poverty and inequality in our society. Your donation can be one-off or recurring.

You can make a recurring donation to the Living Wage Movement through the adjacent PayPal form, or through manual or automatic payment to the following account:

Living Wage Movement Aotearoa NZ:  Kiwibank A/c:    38-9014-0838964-00
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You can make a one-off donation by following exactly the same process as outlined above for the recurring donation.

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People like you mean our diverse network of supporters and volunteers can have more conversations with employers about stepping up to pay a Living Wage, we can organise more communities to call on councils, central government and other employers to introduce meaningful change for their workers and the low paid contracted staff for whom they are responsible.

Living Wage Movement Aotearoa NZ accepts no corporate or government donations because we must be independent to advocate against growing poverty in our communities. That means we depend on supporters like you to fund our activities and the costs of building relationships and training our leaders to be successful and effective advocates of a Living Wage.  You enable us to grow into a sustainable broad-based community alliance. Your donation will make a real difference in reducing poverty in New Zealand.


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