A Living Wage is the income necessary to provide workers and their families with the basic necessities of life. A Living Wage will enable workers to live with dignity and to participate as active citizens in society.

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Living Wage Bluff launches

Living Wage Bluff has launched, with over 60 attending the celebration of a new network in New Zealand’s southern most town on November 18. Bluff Sanford’s workers, St Anne’s Catholic Basilica, Awarua Social and Health Services, E tū union, the Maritime Union, and the PSA were some of the organisations coming together to listen to the stories of struggle for local workers, and organise for a Living Wage. Our campaign has begun and the next step is a letter to Sanford’s Chief Executive, Volker Kuntzsc, asking his profitable fishing company to back lifting these workers out of poverty.  Tabitha Jessiman, a worker from Sanford’s, said: 

"I can’t participate in the community because I don’t have the funds, I can’t repair my house because I don’t  have the funds, my daughter can’t play softball because I don’t have the funds. It would be less stressful not having to live pay check to pay check and every week having to decide which bills I will pay and which I won’t.

When I was doing mussels I got enough money to buy a house but when I stopped that I lost $200 a week. Last year I fell behind in the rates and one year I had to pay two years’ rates in one year to catch me up. I can’t go and get new clothes because I don’t get enough money. I have to dip into my KiwiSaver twice to fix my house. You are robbing Peter to pay Paul all the time. You can’t get ahead. I am a one income household.  It has been a real struggle.

You are trying to be a grown up, be an adult and you can’t do it. You are ashamed because you have to ask your mum and dad for money and yet you are working a 40 hour a week job but you can’t stand on your own feet. 

The Living Wage would make it less stressful and less worrying.  You can get a bit of sanity back. Bluff employers should want their workers to work to live, not live to work. Bluff employers should become Living Wage Employers."












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