Nearly 80 Living Wage Employers!

It's heartening that more and more employers are leading the way with fair wages by becoming Living Wage Employers. As the new list of employers below shows there is a diverse range of businesses and organisations that have come on board and numbers are steadily growing.  

Wiri Licencing Trust, a community-owned trust with business interests in commercial properties and hospitality, that distributes profits to local community organisations is one of the new Living Wage Employers for 2017-18.

Trust Chairman Alan Johnson says that the community-owned business has a broader social responsibility to the people they serve, including their staff. “It concerned us that some of our staff weren’t able to basically lead a decent life on the wages we were paying. We didn’t think that was just,” Alan says. 

“We decided to initially lift everyone’s wages to at least the Living Wage and we joined the Living Wage Movement after that.

“It’s about building a business that can sustain on Living Wages, not having to rely on low wages. It’s a choice that businesses need to make about what business model they work to.”