4 parties commit: please sign and remind them!

Four political parties said YES to a Living Wage at our election forums. Now you can SIGN a letter to remind candidates of their commitment when they are elected to govern after September 23. Click below:


Candidates from the Labour Party, Green Party, Maori Party, and NZ First were asked:

In the 2017 election Living Wage Movement Aotearoa NZ seeks.

  • That you support and promote the Living Wage being implemented for all those employed in the core public service within 12 months of the new Government being formed:
  • That you support and promote changing government procurement policies to ensure that all contracted workers, who are delivering a regular and ongoing service to the core public service, move to the Living Wage within the next term of government.
  • That you support and promote the new Government developing an ongoing relationship with Living Wage Movement Aotearoa/New Zealand through an Advisory Group in order to champion the Living Wage throughout the NZ economy and oversee implementation.

The forums were attended by hundreds of people from dozens of communities, faith groups and union organisations. This was not about politicians giving speeches but about politicians understanding how deeply our communities want to see working people’s incomes lifted to a living wage.

South Aucklander, Malia Uaisele, is a district court cleaner on just above the minimum wage says the Living Wage would make a difference: “How can I afford a house that cost $300,000 or more for only 2 bedrooms on the minimum wage.”

“The Living Wage is very important to me and my family. This will help with my son’s education and future, helps him to play rugby to represent Aotearoa NZ in the future and a home that we could proudly call our own. We know that the government can afford it.” 

Catriona MacLellan’s report is evidence that Malia is right – the government can afford a Living Wage: http://www.livingwage.org.nz/reports_and_research

At the South Auckland election forum, we had an additional question around housing as the availability, price, and quality of housing is people’s most important issue after wages. We heard from a young working mother who drove her children around in the car until they fell asleep and then she would park up for the night.  

Take action, sign the letters below to tell politicians we want them to keep their promise to:

  • promote and support the build of 500 state houses in South Auckland each year (South Auckland defined as Otahuhu to Papakura and Flat Bush to Mangere.)
  • commit to establishing an additional 200 units in South Auckland, dedicated to emergency housing, in the next term of Government, and
  • establish an advisory group within 3 months of the election involving members of the community and the Government

Sign the letter to remind politicians to honour their promises: https://southauck.land