The Living Wage campaign at Auckland Council takes a huge step forward

The Living Wage campaign at Auckland Council took a huge step forward today, with the council voting unanimously for the Mayor’s Annual Budget to go out for public consultation. The plan includes a proposal to introduce the Living Wage over three years, for those directly employed by Auckland Council as well as those employed by Council Controlled Organisations. 

Living Wage Auckland attended the council meeting and Agnes Villi, a cleaner at Council-owned swimming pool West Wave presented a card to Mayor Phil Goff, signed by other council cleaners. The card thanked the council for their support, but reminded them of the many contracted workers who are not currently included in Phil Goff’s Living Wage plan. They are some of the lowest paid and cannot be forgotten. 

The Annual Budget will now go out for public consultation and will be voted on in June. While there is a way to go before the Living Wage becomes reality, today we are celebrating this milestone on the path to transforming the lives of thousands of Auckland Council workers!