People's Assembly: A Living Wage

“I need a life: I don’t have a life.” In the last video for Living Wage Week, Agnes talks about working 68 hours a week as a cleaner for the basic necessities of life.

Auckland Council can do better by paying all workers, employees and contracted staff, a Living Wage.  We are calling on the candidates this year to commit to:

1. A Living Wage for directly employed staff and workers employed on a regular and on-going basis by contractors at Auckland Council and its CCO’s, including Auckland Transport, and will act in accordance with this commitment on election to office.

2. As a first step, that the 2017 renewal of cleaning services is undertaken on the basis that the successful tender will employ staff on no less than the current Living Wage, and that

3. A sub-committee of the Governing Body of Auckland Council be established that includes representatives of the Living Wage Movement Aotearoa NZ to inform, monitor, and support implementation of the Living Wage.