Living Wage Week: Bishop Patrick Dunn speaks out

In Living Wage Week Bishop Patrick Dunn of the Auckland Diocese of the Catholic Church has taken a bold and important step to speak out about the importance of the Living Wage for all New Zealanders. 




 “I would like to endorse the Living Wage Movement. It tries to give us a figure that provides an opportunity for a family to live life with a modicum of respectability and not just be on the bread line.”

In a leaflet released this week, the Diocese points to steps that can be taken towards a Living Wage:

• Employers can commit to paying a Living Wage.

• Workers can join trade unions to organise for a Living Wage.

• Parishes and other Church organisations can commit to paying their staff a Living Wage.

• Individuals can support good employers by buying from accredited Living Wage companies.

• Individuals can join and get active in the Living Wage Movement and/or the

  Justice and Peace Commission

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