Government acts on commitment to a Living Wage

As the number of Living Wage Employers now exceeds 100, the Government is implementing a Living Wage for all directly employed public service workers in the first year of its term, honouring an important commitment by the parties in Government to raise the bottom up for government workers.

This first step will be complete on September 1 and the next up will be the contracted workers.  The Living Wage Movement is part of a consultative forum to oversee the implementation of these commitments, meeting with relevant ministers as they step through the process of ensuring their own house is in order.

A new Alliance forms

At the same time there is an exciting new development with the formation of a new Alliance in Aotearoa which the Living Wage Movement is getting behind.  Just like our Movement, It will be a broad-based organisation comprised of community, union, and faith groups from across civil society.  In the first instance, it will be just located in Auckland. The purpose of this Alliance is to address the causes of poverty so our families and communities can flourish. The Alliance is supported by a three-yer grant for a once in a life-time opportunity to grow our community voice across the many issues we share in common.