Community Organiser (Wellington)


Living Wage Movement Aotearoa New Zealand brings together community/secular, union and faith-based groups to campaign for a Living Wage. The Living Wage has emerged as a response to in-work poverty and wage inequality that continues to hold back so many New Zealand workers, their families and our economy.

The Living Wage Movement in the Wellington Region currently has three main regional networks; Porirua, Lower Hutt, and Wellington City. As well as this is a strong network amongst the student community. Each of these networks is made up of leaders from member organisations and the local community.


The role of the community organiser is to:

  • Find, train, and support leaders within existing and new member organisations to campaign for the Living Wage.
  • Coordinate network and Local Board meetings.
  • Coordinate events such as election forums, or local celebrations.
  • As the organiser based in Wellington, coordinate and support efforts within central Government.


In doing the above, lift wages for workers in the region and across Aotearoa.


An ideal candidate for this role:

  • Has experience in advocacy and community engagement.
  • Has a strong sense of empathy and cares about the community.
  • Can build strong relationships with people from all backgrounds and have experience working in communities.
  • Knows how to delegate, when to support, when to step back.
  • Enjoys having lots of one on one conversations with people.
  • Has a strong political sense and the ability to mobilise people quickly.
  • Can work in a non-partisan way.


Community organisers focus on growing the Living Wage Movement. They are responsible for identifying and developing public leaders and commitment from civil society groups, including union, faith and secular/community organisations.

Community organisers maintain the principles of the Living Wage Movement, which are to build the power of diverse member organisations to act together, in a politically neutral way, towards the Living Wage.

We’re looking for someone who can work independently, with the support of local volunteer leaders and other staff across Aotearoa.

The role is part time, for 20 hours per week at $28.00 - $33.00 per hour depending on experience. 

This job is open to people passionate about the Living Wage, from any background. Work can be shaped around study, family or other commitments. Training is provided.


Job Description


Community organisers are responsible for identifying and developing public leaders and commitment from civil society groups, including union, faith and secular/community organisations.

The organiser will maintain the principles of the Living Wage Movement, which are to build the power of diverse Member groups to act together, in a politically neutral way, toward a Living Wage.


The Organiser will:


  • Develop a basic knowledge of the populations, culture, power dynamics and potential issues of the region as part of the campaign for a Living Wage.
  • Establish and grow professional relationships of support and agitation with leaders, giving priority to those whose power within the Living Wage Movement and member groups, gives them the ability to enhance our opportunities to win new ground.
  • Use your networks and experience in advocacy and community engagement to work with, understand, connect with diverse civil society organisations: unions, faith and community groups
  • Support leaders of new member organisations to attend the residential training programme and play an active role in this.
  • Guide and support leaders through an understanding of the purpose of the Movement in both building community power and improving the lives of workers and their families through the Living Wage.
  • Support the local network to craft and implement a campaign strategy for local and central government elections.
  • Reach out to prospective member groups through 1:1 face-to-face conversation with key leaders and group conversations.
  • Support communications, such as emails to members groups and leaders locally.
  • Ensure the network has data for our Nationbuilder database and other records relating to information and contacts.
  • Engage in developing and implementing digital strategies, including Facebook.
  • Maintain and support the Local Boards in three regions: Porirua, Wellington, Hutt Valley.
  • Provide brief reports to the Governance Board.
  • Meet with key politicians.




Employment: The role is a permanent appointment and there may be future scope for more hours.

Salary:  $28.00 - $33.00 per hour for 20 hours per week depending on experience

How flexible is the role? Do part-time organisers manage their own diaries?

Organisers manage their own diaries in order to meet their strategic goals and job objectives (as set out in the Job Description). Flexibility is required, as evening events may be held. 

You may also need to travel out of the region occasionally, for national events, meetings and training. We are a family, study and community friendly employer. 

As per the Employment Agreement: “Flexibility for community organising is acknowledged by the parties. The employee will notify the designated accounts person of the usual days of work for clarity around public holidays and other leave.”

Likely working location:  There will be office space at the TEU office, 204 Willis Street, Wellington. Organisers are also able to work from home, in another Wellington location, or on the road. 

Drivers License required? Preferable, but not required 

Car ownership required? Preferable, but not required. We have systems for reimbursement of travel expenses that will be explained during the interview process. 

Suggested reading? To learn more about the Living Wage Movement, please visit our website.

What if I have a question? If you have questions, please email Caroline (at)

When do applications close? Applications close 8pm, Friday 4 February 2022.

When are the interviews? Interviews will be held on Thursday 17 February 2022. 

How do I apply? You can apply here.

We look forward to receiving your application!