Auckland Council Submissions

You can make a submission on the 2017 Annual Plan calling for Auckland Council to introduce a Living Wage by going to our Living Wage Action website. Supporting documents for your submission can be accessed through the links in the guide that follows:

Annual Plan Submission guide for Living Wage member organisations

[Organisation letter head or include logo]

Title: Submission on Auckland Council Annual Plan 2017/18

1.       Summary of recommendations

1.1.    [Name of organisation] supports the Council’s proposal outlined in the Annual Plan consultation document to implement a living wage policy over the council term ending October 2019; to ensure all council staff can afford typical living costs.

1.2.      [Name of organisation] also calls upon Auckland Council to ensure that workers employed by Council contractors are also paid the Living Wage. (as tenders are sought for services delivered on a regular and ongoing basis)

2.       Background about your organisation

3.       Why does your organisation support the Living Wage at Auckland Council.

Some questions to get started..

  • How will a Living Wage benefit the community that your organisation works with?
  • How will the Living Wage benefit Auckland Council workers?
  • How will the Living Wage benefit wider Auckland?
  • How does the Living Wage relate to the goals of the Auckland Plan / Long Term Plan?
  • Why is the Living Wage good

Include photos and quotes from members of your organisation in your submission.

Here are some links to information which maybe useful for to help your submission.

 4.       Your name and contact details and date


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